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Cyclic Jobs. Is there a max run no

Posted: 30 Jan 2019 12:42
by DreamBig
I have a job that will need to run every 5 mins almost all day.

Is there a limit to the number of times a job can run without breaking.

If I need to break it up into two or three consecutive jobs, say 200 each, I can do that.

Anyone know for sure?

Re: Cyclic Jobs. Is there a max run no

Posted: 19 Feb 2019 8:19
by fyot

Try to use Autoedit variable as %%CPT and %%RUNCOUNT
Search "consecutive failure", wou will have several solution.

And add a break and restart is not an existing function, but, there is an idea.
Add %%BREAK variable at the begenning of your COMMAND Line
%%BREAK must be defined in the job and empty.
But after your RUNCOUNT value to break, fill %%BREAK with "echo "
And to start again, clean variable.

Effect will be : Job will start at every cycle, but command will be execute only when %%BREAK will be empty.