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HELP - Database Server Name Change

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 4:32
by Hubba
We are upgrading our SQL server and the server name is changing. Is there any other place to change the physical server name other than in the ConfigurationMgr Hostname and Port under Databases?

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 4:11
by jstarkw

Also need to make a change in registry where your EM and server are inststalled.

Change the ODBC connection in the registry for SOURCE EM with the name of the TARGET MSSQL windows server hostname:


Change the Registry entry for the SOURCE CONTROL-M/Server with the name of the TARGET MSSQL windows server hostname:


Change this value in the CCM

If you are moving to a brand new server do this first.

Install MSSQL in the new Server (TARGET database)

Create EM and Control-M DBO users with the same name and passwords as the SOURCE database.

Create TARGET EM and Control-M databases with a size equal to the SOURCE database.

Stop the SOURCE EM and Control-M Server applications.

Backup the SOURCE EM and Control-M databases.

Restore the SOURCE database backups on the TARGET MSSQL server.