Control-M GUI Server and GAS are down

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Control-M GUI Server and GAS are down

Post by vyom_ashish » 22 Feb 2011 1:55

We have installed Control-M EM and Control-M Server on HP-UX 64 bit. Control-M version is 7.0.

Everything was working fine. Jobs creation, Write to Control-M/EM, Upload to Control-M Server.

We had to demonstrate to client features of root_menu utility.

We had exported Database and imported the same file without using .Z extension as in document.

After performing this operation

Control-M GUI Server and GAS in Control-M Cnfiguration Manager status displayed is down

But through GUI on Control-M Desktop its displaying connected to GUI Server.

Also we checked GAS server alerts, which are generated to new jobs.

Can anybody please guide me on this issue.

Its urgent

Thanks in advance

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