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Holiday scheduling

Posted: 13 Apr 2015 2:38
by Kenton
Hello, can I please have some help with holiday calendar maintenance.


I have a calendar of workdays (which excludes weekends and holidays) and I need to schedule a job that only runs the days after a workday (ie Tue - Sat in a regular week or Wed - Sat if Mon was a bank holiday).

I could set up another calendar (workday+1) but I'm wondering if there is another way rather than maintaining yet another calendar.


Re: Holiday scheduling

Posted: 19 Apr 2015 7:29
by piyush
Hi Kenton,

Unfortunately the best way to achieve this is the way which you want to avoid. :)

Create a new custom calendar based on the holidays in your country [also check for state holidays with business, sometimes it is a messy business].

Re: Holiday scheduling

Posted: 01 May 2015 7:01
by nicolas_mulot
Fortunately, there is a smart way to address your question.
Just define a ALL_DAYS calendar , which is not too difficult (maybe you have one already). This calendar should contain all days in the year.
In your job, just define your workday calendar in the Month Days calendar.
From that point on your job should be orderable every working day.

In the "Confcal" line, select ALL_DAYS as "Conf Cal", "No Confcal" as "Shift" and +1 as "by"
Dont forget to specify Months ALL, or else your job will not be ordered at all.
After this, your job will be orderable every day of the year following a working day, and will not be ordered every day following a day off (such as mondays, January 2nd, etc..)

As from V8, you should be able to define this rule as a standalone Rule Based Calendar, which you could in turn use in your job defs.


Re: Holiday scheduling

Posted: 15 Mar 2019 7:06
by henery26

I don't know how to manage the holiday schedule. But can I ask one question for everybody? Is there any need for preparing holiday calendar?