creating job in controlm

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creating job in controlm

Post by squid » 05 Mar 2007 5:45

Hi All,
I'm new to control m..
I created a new job and uploaded it..
The job uses controlm agent installed in a different server..
but the job is not executing the scripts which its supposed to execute,instead no sysout i could see ,
and in statistics i could see just no data fetched...
Please help me...wat could be the problem..
I checked the agent, they are up and running


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Post by fyot » 05 Mar 2007 6:03


First , you must be sure that the script launch by Control-M really exist on the server where you installed a Control-M Agent.

Second, you must be sure that your Control-m agent have the correct access right on this server.

Third the owner used in your Job need to exist with correct right too on the server having a Control-M Agent. (depending on the operating system used)

To check if your job could work correctly, you can try directly on your server having a control-m agent. In a second time to do same command using your job.

Sysout and statistic will have some information only the job will be executed.

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