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Posted: 15 Mar 2007 5:53
by squid
Hi All,

How to restore a damaged mirroring


Posted: 15 Mar 2007 8:07
by Walty

if your mirroring is damaged, rebuild it by option Initialise Mirroring in ctm_menu.
Execute on primary machine:
1) Stop controlm (only primary and mirror database stay running)
2) Disable Mirroring
3) Initialise Mirroring
4) Exit current session ans start new login, or source ~/.cshrc to reset user environment in active session
5) Start controlm on the primary machine
6) Check Mirroring Status in ctm_menu on primary machine

See Control-M/Server Administrator Guide (Mirroring & Failover)

Regards Walty


Posted: 15 Mar 2007 8:49
by Walty
Another possible solution but not tested

1) Stop controlm on primary server
2) Execute ctm_backup_bcp on primary server to backup database
3) Create backup directory on secondary server (if it does not exist) in $HOME/ctm (mkdir backup_bcp)
4) Export by FTP in binary mode all the files created in $HOME/ctm/backup_bcp from the primary server to the secondary server
5) Execute ctm_restore_bcp on the secondary server to restore database
6) Reinitialize mirror on primary
7) Start controlm on primary server