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How to get a job report with a query?

Posted: 21 Dec 2018 3:54
by squee_75

I'm running a ctm V7

I need to create a report at will that give status @present time like this :
Jobname | Description | Start Time | End Time | Run Time | (Status)

My problem is that controlm utilities like ctmstats / ctmjsa or ctmruninf truncate jobname to 10 Char and I need more char.

My other pb is that I am not an admin and have no access to ctmdb or emdb, and I should come with a solution that works without being able to test it.

So, here it is:
It should sound like
Select Jobname, startrun, endrun, elaptime from CMR_RUNINF where jobname like “Beginning*”

But I should also get field 'DESCRIPT' in the CMR_AJF table, and looking at the DB model, I think 'ORDERNO' field should do the jointure.

Can someone give me a query that works please?

Re: How to get a job report with a query?

Posted: 27 Dec 2018 12:14
by fyot

I can suggest to see APSware Manager
Look this : aps-manager-for-control-m