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by o1283c
22 Oct 2017 2:31
Forum: TWS - Tivoli Workload Scheduler
Topic: Update Application id Status from Active to Pending via Batch
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Update Application id Status from Active to Pending via Batch

Hi all, I'm new in TWSz 9.1 and I would like to find a way to update Application id (with selections, not all Application id) Status from Active to Pending via Batch. I've searched the information about Batch Command Interface (EQQYCAIN), OCL but it seems no such function directly. Mass Update funct...
by o1283c
22 Mar 2017 6:36
Forum: Control-M Server
Topic: New Day process delayed
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Re: New Day process delayed

Hello, 1) (from the V8), 1 hour before Control-M Server is doing a pre-check about what to do at the right time for your AJF cleanup Anywhere from manual talked about the Pre New Day (PRE ORDERING) feature? It looks to me that the pre-check is started "one hour before Control-M New Day Time", can i...
by o1283c
14 Jun 2016 4:21
Forum: Control-M Enterprise Manager
Topic: BIM/Forecast batch mode update
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BIM/Forecast batch mode update

Hi all, We're using V8. Does anyone got an example to use batch mode (SQL or even SQL loader) to update BIM/Forecast Rules (EM Table 'SCENARIO' name <SYSTEM>) and Forecast What-if Scenario (EM Table 'SCENARIO' name <{user-input-name}> directly? It is quite tedious to input manually as there is a lot...