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by britnilinda
19 Apr 2014 5:36
Forum: General News
Topic: Information about control-M Certification
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Thanks for the important information. this will come in handy.
by britnilinda
13 Oct 2013 6:51
Forum: Control-M for z/OS
Topic: Control-M for z/OS
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Control-M for z/OS

Control-M for z/OS integrates and automates business processes from a single point of control to provide an enterprise-wide dynamic workload management solution for physical, virtual, and cloud environments
by britnilinda
13 Sep 2013 6:17
Forum: Batch Impact Manager
Topic: what is difference between Order and force
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Order and Force:

Difference between Order and Force:

Order: will bring the in to AJF if the job is in schedule.
Force: will bring the job into AJF irrespective of the schedule.
by britnilinda
13 Sep 2013 6:07
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Topic: need information about Control-M
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Thanks a lot for the solution link
by britnilinda
16 Aug 2013 12:38
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Topic: Any Open Source Alternatives?
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Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a project management software program, developed and sold by Microsoft, which is designed to assist a project manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads. thanks Open text partner
by britnilinda
16 Aug 2013 12:34
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Topic: Installation of Windows 8 on Virtual PC
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vitual pc

thanks for all the information of installing windows8 on virtual pc.
by britnilinda
03 Aug 2013 11:08
Forum: General News
Topic: How to zip/unzip files using Windows 8 Zip
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zipped forldr

it's very simple just click right button on which file you want to zip and then send to "compressed (zipped) folder that's ok