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by asallam
25 Nov 2012 6:32
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Topic: BIM sequence issue
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BIM sequence issue

Hi All We are facing a strange thing with BIM and we need your help if possible: We were testing BIM a couple of days ago for the following requirement: 1. Job1 Runs on 7:00 AM waiting for overnight jobs as IN CONDITION. 2. Job2 runs at 7:30 waiting for job1 which starts at 7:00 Job3 runs at 16:00 w...
by asallam
06 Nov 2012 9:41
Forum: Exploitation / Operation
Topic: Using LIBMEMSYM
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try the following in the file
by asallam
06 Nov 2012 8:21
Forum: Monitoring
Topic: Jobs are not completing after it ended ok in the log
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restart the CONTROL-M agent service on the agent machine .This is basically a CONTROL-M agent tracker process issue being not able to update the CONTROL-M server with the job status.
by asallam
25 Mar 2012 1:44
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Topic: Agentless Executions on Windows Hosts
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try to use ctmsetown utility and add that user from CONTROL-M server
by asallam
25 Mar 2012 1:37
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Topic: Finished job doesn't turn green
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hi check the p_ctmat process are able to run or not on that server.Updating the job status is part of its responibilty if it doesnt update that means its not able/allowed to work. The best approach in this level is to restart Control-M Agent windows service itself which would fix this problem. If yo...
by asallam
25 Oct 2011 10:08
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Topic: Create User Daily
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Hi Sameer, You need to update usrdaily name in Table Information in Control-M Desktop. to update this follow these steps:- Control-M Desktop ----> Edit --> Scheduling Tables---> Scheduling Table Manager ---> Select Scheduling Table ----> Click on Table Details --> Write userdaily name under "User D...
by asallam
25 Oct 2011 9:55
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Topic: how to reconnect with jobs when control m agent have issues
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how to reconnect with jobs when control m agent have issues

hi guys am new here but I have some questions regarding my enviroment I have CONTROL M installed on windows enviroment version is when we disable the agents on client machines for maintenance as default all jobs ends not ok but the these jobs processes would be still running on the window...
by asallam
25 Oct 2011 7:04
Forum: Monitoring
Topic: Retro/MaxWait
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for Maxwait the jobs which are in waiting condition if maxwait is set to 1 when new day procedure kicks in these jobs would be deleted but if maxwait is set to 2 they would stay for the next day hence the AJF retention period is set for the same.