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by Jayant
25 Aug 2010 3:05
Forum: Job Definition
Topic: I need a variable for the next month
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Need a variable for next month

1. Get the current month in a variable 2. Get the current day in another variable 3. if the current day is greater than 27 a. if current month is 12 then set current month to 1 b. else set current month to current month + 1 4. This also means that if the day is <= 27 then just dont do anything. the ...
by Jayant
04 Jun 2010 7:53
Forum: Autosys
Topic: Control-M Vs CA Autosys
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Comparing UC4 and AutoSys

Can someone let me know how exactly UC4 compares with AutoSys. I had an opportunity to see UC4 working a few days back and it appeared that it has a scripting language of its own that does not seem to exist in autoSys. This is good and bad. Good in the sense that we can perform lot of work using the...