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I have a problem by mail notifications on a smartfolder job when Folder Ended Not OK
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Author:  cuda71 [ 24 Apr 2018 2:11 ]
Post subject:  I have a problem by mail notifications on a smartfolder job when Folder Ended Not OK


My requriement is , I have multible of jobs in a folder (SMART Folder) , I want email should be sent out whenever any one job or more job fails in the folder. I tried withOption1 : In Do Actions section set failure count =1 and notify with email. Option2 : Folder not ended OK and notify with email. does not work
maybe it's when a job in this Smart Folder is not ok then the SmartFolder is still in execution Status is this normal ?
I don't understand what the problem is
when I try with Folder Ended ok then it works

Anser from support:
When you order a SMART Folder and runs, Ondo actions tasks that Control-M/Server must perform will be done when all the jobs in a SMART folder successfully finish.
Control-M Smart Folder behaves like an entity and will block the exclusive Control resource until all jobs within the folder have finished execution (either OK or NOTOK) and only then On do actions for the Smart Folder will be performed. This is as per the design.If you want an On Do action to be performed when job fails X times, you should set this on the individual jobs instead of the smart folder.

But then you have to say to yourself that you can only use Smart Tables if you define individual jobs without dependencies. Because dependencies where a job crashes, the Smart Table never finishes.
That means: I have to define the notifications for all jobs individually. That can't be true. This is exactly the highlight of a smart table, that it can take over such things ;-(

So Smart Tables is not useful for me.

It does not seem logical to me either if these parameters exist in the on-do actions, if the Smart Table must have ended. In this case, the parameters In notifications after job completion would be more likely to be present. crazy

A wish to change is palced by bmc (QM002410733).

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