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Welcome to Scheduler-Usage !!!

Welcome !!!! This site is available to all users of Control-M scheduler from BMC Software.
The goal is not to replace support site from BMC Software. This site created to give for all Control-M users possibilities to share experiences, knowledges and solutions to add to BMC Software's developpements.
You could find tricks and easy ways, sources and production scripts, throught a forum and a download module. You could add your own tricks and solutions.
Don't hesitate and join us creating your own member's account.

CAUTION : In no case we could be held responsible for the damage caused on your machines or sites in the case of the use of information or files proposed in free on this site.

APS Manager for Control-M 3.20

APS|Manager for Control-M 3.2

APS Manager for Control-M 3.2 web based job level monitoring, operating and administration for Control-M experts, provides unique capabilities for Control-M experts and self-service business users to securely monitor, operate and administer Control-M for Distributed Systems via an intuitive web interface. APS Manager is priced attractively, with no limitations on the number of jobs executed in Control-M or the number of users utilizing APS Manager for Control-M.

APS Manager for Control-M 3.2 comes with significant enhancements:

  • ServiceView:
    The new ServiceView provides an instant overview for Business Users, IT Managers and IT Experts about the status of business-areas automated via Control-M.
  • Flowcharting:
    High-quality flowcharting capabilities have been added to the web-based monitoring functions of APS Manager. Users can gain an immediate understanding of the dependency structure of active Control-M jobs and applications. The flowcharts can also be downloaded / exported.
For more information, please refer to www.apsware.com/news/aps-manager-for-control-m-3-2/ .
or sign up for a webcast www.apsware.com/webcasts/ .

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10 Latest Downloads
  FilesAdded   DL 
 CTM Agent Unix : PANDN.
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
 CTM Agent Windows : PANDN.
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
Control-M Enterprise Manager 6.4.01 Fixpack 506
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
Control-M Enterprise Manager 6.4.01 Fixpack 500
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
Control-M Enterprise Manager 6.4.01 Fixpack 403
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
Control-M Enterprise Manager 6.4.01 Fixpack 400
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
Control-M Server 6.3.01 Fixpack 602
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
Control-M Server 6.4.01 Fixpack 500
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
Control-M Server 6.4.01 Fixpack 400
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
New Fixpack to Control-M/EM 6.4.01

To fix Daylight Savings Time problem on Linux


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New blog about control-m from Alain LECLAIR, french Control-M expert.
(pages are in french)
 VTOM Forum
VTOM Forum
 CONTROL-M Specialists
This group is intended to help CONTROL-M specialists worldwide to share knowledge, resources and business opportunities which each other.
 BMC Control-M
The purpose of this group is to exchange information between users of BMC CONTROL-M and provide them with a networking platform.
 CONTROL-M Professionals
Connecting CONTROL-M professionals with opportunities and CONTROL-M related discussion topics.


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