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Welcome to Scheduler-Usage !!!

Welcome !!!! This site is available to all users of Control-M scheduler from BMC Software.
The goal is not to replace support site from BMC Software. This site created to give for all Control-M users possibilities to share experiences, knowledges and solutions to add to BMC Software's developpements.
You could find tricks and easy ways, sources and production scripts, throught a forum and a download module. You could add your own tricks and solutions.
Don't hesitate and join us creating your own member's account.

CAUTION : In no case we could be held responsible for the damage caused on your machines or sites in the case of the use of information or files proposed in free on this site.

APS Manager for Control-M

20 Latest Forum's Topics
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New Today find predessor and successor4110jstarkw
New Today Control M V8.0 Installation and Upgrade from V7 to V8020Tamil
New last 3 days Export control-m jobs to flow chart easily12419jdj420
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 Scheduling SAP PI jobs with Control-M080WhiteLady
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 How to Code a Request Job Feeding a Weekly Job078Hubba
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 Schedule a Job on 30th day2182jCarlos
 Rerun job using sysout string?2170pone2332
 JCL to put jobs held in ctm1148carloseven
 Does Adjust Condition work?3353jabali
 Cognos Cubes from Control M2209jabali
 Problem with mirroring in Control-M Server 6.453026CPalacios
 Run AFT without enabling ftp service on agents0100Aneesh
 Extract Command line4252anirudhrh
 How can we detect the EOM in CTM3224gglau
 AFT Job fails to run.5994mmogamerfan
 Control resources1416mmogamerfan
 Email alert on third failure5252ThePirate
 All the jobs ran in a second in one of the agent0138sunuriyal
 Discussion - The Next Generation of CONTROL-M218612philhaut
 Created new job but loaded in Control-M GUi2331anirudhrh
 How di I know about the latest fix packs4382fyot
 Shout to Program51151oyooman
 Urgent..!!! Connnection to one control-M server is very slow41412th_alejandro
 Control m server migration1366th_alejandro
 query to find failed jobs in active network ?7443sunuriyal
 How to get the orderno?72139sunuriyal
 Uninstallation of Control-M server.2227Danny
 Monthly Schedule2354Danny
 AFT Advanced Post FTP Command rename with Date-time1267Nightwatchrenband

10 Latest Downloads
  FilesAdded   DL 
 CTM Agent Unix : PANDN.
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
 CTM Agent Windows : PANDN.
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
Control-M Enterprise Manager 6.4.01 Fixpack 506
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
Control-M Enterprise Manager 6.4.01 Fixpack 500
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
Control-M Enterprise Manager 6.4.01 Fixpack 403
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
Control-M Enterprise Manager 6.4.01 Fixpack 400
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
Control-M Server 6.3.01 Fixpack 602
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
Control-M Server 6.4.01 Fixpack 500
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
Control-M Server 6.4.01 Fixpack 400
Download fixpacks from ftp.bmc.com
New Fixpack to Control-M/EM 6.4.01

To fix Daylight Savings Time problem on Linux


10 Latest Links
New blog about control-m from Alain LECLAIR, french Control-M expert.
(pages are in french)
 VTOM Forum
VTOM Forum
 CONTROL-M Specialists
This group is intended to help CONTROL-M specialists worldwide to share knowledge, resources and business opportunities which each other.
 BMC Control-M
The purpose of this group is to exchange information between users of BMC CONTROL-M and provide them with a networking platform.
 CONTROL-M Professionals
Connecting CONTROL-M professionals with opportunities and CONTROL-M related discussion topics.


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